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Contact Us

You may contact us by calling 01768 863 518 (international: +44 1768 863 518) between the hours of 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. UK time.

Please write to us at:


Viv Marston (LL)
3 Netherend Road
Cumbria  CA11 8PF

Enquires by e-mail may be sent to viv@VivMarston.com

Only through 15th October 2016 do we accept

Visa® MasterCard®

We do accept cheques payable in UK £, bank transfers and PayPal. Cash is welcome, too! For your security, please do not send credit card information by e-mail nor cash by post.

We can ship within the UK and internationally. Please enquire about shipping costs, as they are not included in the cottage prices shown.

Best wishes, and happy collecting!

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