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Plastic Pockets

A convenient way to store your cottage deeds...

Lilliput Lane cottages come with a deed and other paperwork. Collectors have often just stored all of their deeds together in some box, risking the loss of a particular deed or mixing up what paperwork came with which cottage. If they wanted to refer to some information on the story card on the back of the deed, they would have to rummage through the box to locate the right deed, then take it out to read.

Clear plastic pockets with binder

Now there is a simple system for storing all your deeds and cottage paperwork. We have had clear plastic pockets custom designed to fit the binders used with Lilliput Lane® - The Complete Collectors Guide. You can place your deeds and other paperwork that came with your cottage in these clear plastic pockets that measure 5" x 8-1/2". The pocket helps protect the contents from being wrinkled or torn, and the clear plastic allows you to read the story card without having to remove it from the pocket.

Clear plastic pocket next to page in book

If you own Lilliput Lane® - The Complete Collectors Guide, you might want to put your deed for a cottage in a pocket next to the corresponding page in the book so all your information about that cottage is in one location. If you don't own the book (you really should!), you can still use this clear plastic pocket system for your deeds by simply using one or two of the embossed 3-ring binders that are used with the book. Extra binders are available in burgundy and cream, so as your collection grows, you can expand your storage system for your deeds.

Clear plastic pockets in binder

The clear plastic pockets are available in packs of 5, 10, 20 and 40. A binder (your choice of burgundy or cream) is included with the pack of 40, and extra binders are available, too. Please refer to the order form for details on prices and postage.

Please contact us with any questions you might have, or to place an order. You may also order our plastic pockets by printing our order form, filling it in and posting it to us.

Research for the first edition of Lilliput Lane® - The Complete Collectors Guide and 1996 through 1998 updates was conducted by Dan Komar and others on his behalf. Research for updates to Lilliput Lane® - The Complete Collectors Guide starting in 1999 was conducted by Viv Marston, Don Gibson and others on their behalf. ENESCO LTD takes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information in these books, nor accountability for any misuse or speculation the information may cause.


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